Hopi prophecies
Nibiru/Planet X
Mayans and 2012
Ascension (the shift)
The Poleshift
The Next Ice Age ?
Earth Change News
Is a Poleshift imminent ?
3600 year disaster cycle?
Have the prophecies
been hijacked ?

Tunnels under the sphynx
Velikovsky - worlds in

Video - Poleshift and  Galactic alignment explained
Channeled information is always quite personal and the pages collected here are ones that, over the years, have resonated with me when I have read them.

They may or may not resonate with you as you read them but that is why they are collected here.

the channelingsd are on a variety of subjects that connect with Earth Changes, Ascension to the next dimension and more.

I hope you find something that inspires you or puts a puzzle piece into place.  I know that some of the information written down here can seem hard to believe but look past the source and see the words - those are the important things and it doesn't matter if the words are purported to be from some star master or whatever - if they have meaning for you then take the and don't dismiss the just because the source seems implausible.

Inspirational account of a near death experience
Spiritual Awakening: Multiple Timelines by Kiara Windrider - check out her other books on Amazon or at her website

Channeling pages - newest will be at the top
Kryon channeling and the dimensional shift
Advice from Archangel Raphael on the coming Dimensional Shift

Indigo children - what are they ?
Pepper Lewis channels mother Earth on changes and ascension
Second Channeling on Indigo Children
Ascended Master Koothumi on Earth Changes, Predictions for what is to come and Ascension to the next level
A very different Earth Change message - full of optimism for a bright future
Ascended Master Koothumi talks about Atlantis and its relevance to our times
Earth Change channeling from Sananda (Jesus Christ)
Zen Tao channels a moving message from our Planet and how she is suffering
The Cassaeopia communications - using a planchette these communications talk about the "Wave" that is approaching us to trigger the Ascension process
Question and answer session with Angel Gabriel on reality, Earth Changes, Predictions and Ascension
The Hathor Channelings by Tom Kenyon on Earth Changes & the Ascension to the next level
Channeling of Lady Kadjina about hidden bases and their role in Earth Changes
Another message from Gaia this time channelled by Peter Farley on the Earth Changes
Kryon - (The Cosmic Lattice ). The Kryon Channellings are becoming very well known in relation to the Earth Changes. Here the Channellings talk about the structure of the spiritual universe. It fits in very well with other topics such as the Photon belt
The Waith Channellings - nice simplistic way of explaining the coming Changes.
Adama of Telos - The Last War on this Planet - "A Candle of Hope" - Adama channeled  through Aurelia Louise Jones
Archangel Gabriel - Stubborn Bugs meet the Cosmic Carwash? - the clash of darkness and light for Humanity
Additional Channeling from Sananda - is is nearing showdown time on planet Earth ?
Kirael - predictions for after the dimensional shift
More from Archangel Michael on the dimensional shift