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Spiritual Awakening: Multiple Timelines  by Kiara Windrider

It is a year of planetary initiation, of unprecedented events that will change our lives forever. We will shed an old skin, open our sleeping eyes to a new light, and clear away some of the veils that cling so heavily, and yet so comfortably, to our collective soul. It's a year like never before, and I notice that I enter through its gates with equal measures of trepidation and excitement. My personality carries some trepidation; my soul carries a great excitement. A poem, written long ago, comes to mind: Faint streaks of dawn.

The twinkling lights of an age gone by Fade into eternity past. I wake up shivering From horrors still too fresh in my mind. Why must darkness precede the dawn? Why is death the prerequisite to life? No matter, The long night is ended now. The first rays of a new dawn Illuminate my path, Beckoning me to follow. Can I shape the coming day?

And shape the day we shall. It seems to me that a dense fog is lifting in the light of the morning sun. I feel so strongly the whispers of the angels, and the multitude of light beings who guide our journey into the dawning age. I walk between the worlds, as we all do, one foot in each, the gulf widening? I have spent many years studying ancient cycles and systems of time. I have been looking at celestial phenomena through the eyes of geologists, astrophysicists, prophets, and mystics. I have spent much time in quietness and meditation, listening to the voices that speak in that silence. I am feeling that this period of time we enter will be qualitatively different from anything we have experienced yet. I am not speaking of wars and horrors, although we may see some of that. I am not speaking of freak weather patterns and earth changes, although this may come into our experience as well. What I am feeling is literally a thinning of the veils between dimensional realities,and the splitting of timelines.

There is overwhelming evidence from a multitude of sources, some of which I detail in my book, Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, that there is something very big going on right now. In consequence, we are moving from third dimensional time to fourth dimensional time. Time is no longer simply experienced in linear fashion. Multiple timelines are beginning to appear, based on the power of our choices.

These timelines have just begun to split. Many of us are experiencing this split as the sense of a widening gulf between our personal reality and global mass consciousness. There is a sense of disorientation in regard to ordinary reality, a feeling of walking between worlds, with much of our dreamtime consciousness engaged in building a new world, shaping it with our highest intentions, and out picturing it into the collective as a timeline of new possibilities. Many of us are engaged, not so much in resisting or attempting to make sense of an old paradigm in its final dance of death, but in visioning the new world rising from the ashes of the old.

As we travel deeper into fourth dimensional time, the same events will be experienced very differently in different timelines. There could be potentially an infinite number of timelines, but there are three, corresponding with different dimensional realities, that stand out for me.

The third dimensional timeline will continue to be fuelled by the consciousness of duality, grinding its way in fulfilment of karmic laws to environmental catastrophe, political insanity, and social chaos. We will experience major earth changes in response to celestial events and energies, to the mass thought forms of those who choose this reality, and to the changing magnetic fields of Earth. The density of this Earth will be too heavy to withstand the high-vibrational incoming energies. All the major doom and gloom prophecies we hear about have relevance to this timeline, and this timeline only.

A fourth dimensional timeline is gradually emerging through the collective visions of those whose souls have called them to build a new world. A parallel Earth is being formed, whose destiny will be governed by the laws of grace. Its vibrational frequency will be such that the pro-evolutionary energies currently pouring through Earth's auric fields will lift her and those who choose to move with her into a quantum leap of awakened spiritual consciousness. As dimensional veils thin, we will experience a reunion with our star brothers and sisters, and with those that inhabit the Inner Earth. There could still be an experience of earth changes and chaos, but not nearly as intense, and it will be transmuted quickly. The prophecies of Heaven on Earth have relevance to this timeline.

A fifth dimensional timeline is also being created. This timeline, governed by the laws of mastery, is about using the incoming evolutionary energies to activate full soul and monadic union. We will use the incoming cosmic energies to fully transfigure our individual and planetary bodies into bodies of light, preparing the way for the fourth dimensional Earth to follow in good time. The prophecies of planetary ascension have relevance to this timeline.

The splitting of the timelines is being governed by certain cosmic phenomena, including our precessional conjunction with the galactic centre, and the passage of an asteroid through our solar system in the Spring of 2003. I won't go into details here, but the process is being carefully guided by a multitude of light beings from across the galaxies. Beginning with the events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath, and corresponding to the ending of the prophetic timeline represented in the Great Pyramid a few days later on September 17, a planetary initiation has begun. The timelines are separating gradually, almost imperceptibly, in a process that will gain momentum very quickly over the next few years. What timeline we wish to follow is entirely up to us, individually and collectively.

As long as we remained in third dimensional time, "reality" was something that was imposed on us from the outside. It was fixed in duality, and our options in responding to this fixed reality were somewhat limited. The forces of "darkness" seemed to dominate in this reality. Many of us felt powerless or victimized in the face of social oppression, environmental collapse, or political madness. Strangers in a strange land, we felt it was not very acceptable or safe to hold out our light.

As we begin to step into fourth dimensional time, this changes. Reality is no longer something external to us, but is created from a unified space within and then externalised. It is the quality of our thoughts and feelings, the strength of our soul, and the power of our dreams and commitments, that increasingly creates and shapes the world around us. If we are no longer locked into a single version of reality, we no longer need to struggle with opposing versions of reality! We discover the enormous power of our choices, and more than ever before, we become co-creators of our planet's future. We choose where, what, and how we want to be, and if an external reality no longer fits, we simply step out of it and create a different shared reality with those that resonate to a similar timeline. More light than we can ever comprehend in all the universes is guiding our journey. When we encounter doubt, darkness, and dread, as we inevitably will in these times to come, let us remember who we are, and what we wish to create. The timelines will run together for a while, and we may during this time be tempted to fall into despair in response to world events. Look to your own soul during these times. Feel what is real for you. And know that your choices are powerful!

A new Earth is being birthed in the cauldron of our deep longings and visions. We are called to be its midwives. These are the times we are born for. May we walk in truth, love, and beauty!

(Kiara's book, Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, isavailable through http://hoep.org.)