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So you chose the right reality

So where to now ? ...... 

Basically it comes down to your intention and what you actually really truly want. Modern physics has shown us that what we think of "reality" is nothing more than a kind of sea of energy that only "collapses" and forms reality when observed by an intelligence capable of organising this energy into something we can see. For example , imagine a forest without anyone actually looking at it. If an organising intelligence such a a human mind is not looking at it, the forest doesn't actually exist except as a sea of energy that, once observed, will collapse back into. (There are many many explanations of this on the web and on Youtube so please do the reasearch if you want to mknow more)

Now imagine driving down the road and seeing the forest come into view. The reason why the forest is now visible is simply because your human brain has decoded or "collapsed" this energy back into what we would recognise as a forest.

This basically is what we call consensus reality - all of humanity would see a forest when this energy collapses upon observation as that is what we, collectively on a mass consciousness and eternal spiritual level, all agree would be there.

And that's how the physical universe works, its nothing more than a sea of potential energy that collapses in a  certain way upon observation And the reason why we all see the same "reality" is because we all agree that this is the way the 3D universe will work (well the eternal God part of ourselves anyway). Incidentally that's one of the reasons why its actually quite easy to maniplulate humanity as a whole, as all that needs to be done is to keep the majority of the population beleiveing a certain set of false truths and the collective consciousness will always collapse this sea of energy in a certain way and the world will remain the same.

HOWEVER our get out of jail card is HERE . All you have to do is INTEND that you will not experience the cataclysmic events planned and prophesied . Just say to your self that the universe that you are "collapsing" into the reality you are experiencing by observing it will collapse into a version of the Earth that does not go through the Earth Changes prophesied and Humanity continues towards a more enlightened age. This is a unique opportunity that will not come around again for 26,000 years when the Earth again aligns with the Galactic centre. This unique set of vibrational energies will make it far easier for us to fix our version of reality and make the energy collapse into a way that we want. As an aside that's why the events on Earth are playing out as they are with so much fear and despondency, wars and Financial collapses - humanity has to be kept in a certain state of despondence and fear so that the collective human consciousness at this crucial time will "fix" this pattern for the next 26000 years and those that wish to control us can maintain that control. You can elect to be in a version of reality where that doesn't happened as long as you truly believe and understand that you are an eternal part of the god cosciousness and you are greater than your human experiences and emotions.  Not that there is anything wrong with being human in 3D. I love films (movies to my USA cousins !! lol) , crappy fast food, getting drunk and all the other good stuff that materiality has to offer but I know that its just an very pleasant illusion and it doesn't define who I am in my wider spiritual self.

Simple ?  You betcha but perhaps one of the simplest and greatest truths - we really do make our own reality either by consent to the "reality" collapsed by humanity as a whole as it sleepwalks through 3D life, or we can say NO to the changes and live in a world that gradually moves into 4D, our DNA reactivates slowly and we return to the awakened and aware creatures that we once were.

I've deliberatly left this explanation basic as I think it's important for people to reasearch subjects themselves and come to their own version of the truth

So  .... GO ON EVOLVE - I DARE YA !!!!


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