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Question: There has recently been posted information about a magnetic anomaly in the Antarctica in the Lake Vostok region

Q.With the implication that this area is being guarded by the National Security Agency.  Can you tell us what the implications of this magnetic anomaly are?

Good morning.  Enough of the ice cap has melted in this region to allow for the emitting of a certain signal.  Before there was ice, there was land and there was a large landing port for extraterrestrial craft.  And the extraterrestrial's put up something comparable to what you would call an observatory.  It contained a signalling device that could transmit frequencies in a coded pattern.  Even after the ice cap began forming, at this end of the lake there was still an entranceway into the inner regions of the earth.  Now this inner region is not completely underground.

It is under ice, but not totally under ground.  But with the melting of the polar cap, the signalling device has been picked up.  And as planetary grid systems are reconnected with great earth crystals, and being that the technology of this observatory is based upon crystal technologies, its signal has been amplified.  It is of a sonar-type of frequencies and has a certain similarity to Tesla technologies and the Rife technologies, but is considerably more advanced than your understanding of these technologies.  And these technologies, to those in outer space, would be equated to a homing device.  When a sonar energy is emitted, it goes out in wave-like patterns and this is what is giving wave-like patterns to surrounding areas of snow.
Position of lake Vostok in Antarctica
Over the next several months, more and more bases like this will be discovered.  And the various governments are going to want to seize control.  It used to be that governments wanted to seize control of those things going on in space, but so much is now being discovered upon Planet Earth that governments are acting quickly to secure and lock up certain areas that contain information that would rewrite all of your histories and require tremendous rethinking on the part of many.  When you take a look at all of the information that has come forth in just the last several months (civilisations in Peru and parts of Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pyramids, the Grand Canyon, Florida, New Mexico, Missouri, Virginia).  And then on top of this you have your visionaries who are able to see great domes over areas of the Biminis, over areas of Washington.  And then again you have the mysteries of the orbs and all of these things are not the doings of overworked imaginations; they are very real.

As more and more of you develop 4th and 5th dimension vision and hearing and mind, you will begin to see great Dave's in your mountains, over your lakes and oceans, communications with the fairy people will become commonplace and they will give forth much information as to the parcels of land that are safe to live upon and those that have energies that need clearing before construction.  And all of this information that is coming forth has frightened your world leaders, who are bent upon control.  They are losing their grip.

I will divert into another topic concerning the chemtrail's.  It has long been a practice in your mental hospitals to give everyone heavy medications as a way of controlling them.  You are doing this with your young people by giving the Ridalin instead of answering and addressing their legitimate concerns, you are in fact sitting on them.  And this is part of what is being done with the chemtrail's.  There are too many people asking too many questions-divert them; give them enough of something to make them ill enough so that their attention is diverted and they no longer ask questions.  It is a fact that ingestion of chemicals creates an impingement upon the soul's ability to maintain control over its physical vehicle.  And this is the reason for the heavy snows and the floods and the changes in wind currents that are sudden and dramatic and that help clear the atmosphere and set free the people so that they can continue to question and think.

Question: What is actually creating the magnetism at the Vostok site?
It is that observatory.  There are huge crystals that are emitting certain types of magnetic emissions and this creates the homing device.  It is a similar type of energetic to that which is transpiring in Bimini, where the energy can actually draw into itself crafts and ships and sink them.  It used to be that great spacecraft, not quite the size of a mother ship, but of a cargo ship, would have equipment that would be lowered into this region on a magnetic beam somewhat like a magnetic elevator.  And from this region the equipment would be disbursed as needed to other locations.  These magnetic beams could transport heavy items to far distant places and energise those objects somewhat like the operation of a hover plane-not precisely the same, but similar.

And this gives a little bit of an insight into the construction of some of your pyramids and other massive edifices such as the great sphinx.  For this magnetic-sonar system also can emit sound, both audible and silent.  So you may ask, how can sound be silent?  It is of a frequency beyond the range of the human ear.  And so your Secret Service is wanting to harness this energy for their own purposes.  They think it can be beamed to your Telstar or other objects in space.  They also believe that it can be used as a weapon of destruction if need be.  So they are hoping to reactivate this equipment.  They will not be allowed to do so beyond a certain point
Question : Is this magnetic anomaly and the entrance into the underground realm at this location related to Admiral Byrd's experience of going into the inner earth?

Yes indeed, and when he did, he found himself in a totally different dimension, for these are also portal type of energies.  The purpose of these great observatories-and they were much more than that-was to create time and space warp zones for the admitting of craft which were of a 5th dimensional frequency.  With full knowledge of this equipment, a human could time-travel and access information stored in many distant places.  But you will be prevented from doing this until such time as governments have an arms treaty in place and become of a more peaceful state of being.

Question:  Is this portal used today for entering/exiting craft that have been seen going up and down west coast of South America?

This particular site can be used as a refuelling station, if you would.  Many of the craft, especially the small ones, function from a magnetic standpoint.  And it would work somewhat like the need to recharge a fuel cell in some of the vehicles you have now, or refuelling your electric cars.  Many craft operate on magnetic energy systems and these magnetic energy beams can serve to refuel or recharge many of these craft.  The "portal" is not on the earth plane, but is created in the atmosphere where it allows for admission of beings and craft from other dimensions.

We have mentioned before that the nadial connectors are on the earth plane.  But they are also out in the galaxy as well.  And these nadial connectors are also portal entrances to access the next connecting point.  If you recall we spoke of these nadial connectors being somewhat like Tinker Toys so that when you connect with one of these nadial hubs, you then would follow a certain energy pattern to the next connector.
Question:  We were recently shown a photograph of an inner chamber of the Great Pyramid where a great light was radiating, seemingly from the ethers.  What vibrational energy technologies are involved in being able to create light from darkness (without using physical technologies such as light bulbs)?

Within the inner realms of the earth, there is light you can see.  So the Sun is not the source of all light.  There are many ways that this can be done.  One way would be something similar to static electricity or a certain type of friction.  Now magnetic's are the coming together of two types of friction-positive and negative polarities.  On your earth plane, you have certain substances that glow in the dark.  There are many other-world substances when mixed with certain types of alloys, emit light.  Now the substances from which the Pyramid's inner chambers are constructed are other-world substances.  It is not so much the technology that you can copy and manufacture in some way as it is alloys and compounds emitting frequencies and magnetic's and certain types of friction's, that when put together in certain combinations, produce light.

You have the same type of phenomenon going on at James Gilliland's area of Mt. Adams.  With the third-dimensional vision, sometimes you don't see the lighted orbs or the light of the dome structures.  Yet a camera that works on a different frequency range is able to capture them.  For many years you have been able to use your cameras and place them over your solar plexus and take pictures of spirit beings.  And this is based upon certain light technology, if you would.  It is the frequencies, magnetic's, polarity charges and emissions that produce the light that then becomes seen.  4th and 5th dimensional beings are now beginning to see the etheric domes and pyramids of Bimini and off the shore of Florida.  Also at times in Sedona, the light orbs are being seen.  Many humans are now being able to see the light of the body double of trees and other plant formations.  Many are seeing the light-bodies of the great Devas of the mountains and oceans.
Also I would add as just a side thought, the more you are able to function in the 4th and 5th dimension, the more you are able to transmute the chemical compounds that you find in the chemtrail's and also in the foods that you eat and the water that you drink.  As you become permanently in the 4th dimensional body, no longer will these things of the 3rd dimensional realm affect you.  The government, through its experimentation with the Tesla-type technologies, has discovered this truth.  Hence the spraying of the populace to prevent them from going 4th dimensional.  For when you do, the government has lost its control of you.

So, in a certain sense, you are being vaccinated or inoculated against the 4th dimension.  This is why we have told Wayne and Kay, even though they are giving forth of this information at a time when each of them is dealing with physical challenges.  Even though they are not functioning 100% physically, when they are able to function at all, they step into this particular 4th dimensional frequency and fill their bodies with this light, which in turn transmutes the difficulties in the 3rd dimensional body.  Through the use of their will, they determine that they will not be stopped-slowed down at times, but not stopped.  By taking command of your personal fields of energy, you can overcome many things, whether it be a deficient immune system as in Kay's case, or an aggressive form of cancer, as in Wayne's case.  The more you step into the light and move yourself forward and do those things that you are qualified to do, the more healing light you bring in to your physical body.  Greater healing will come to you than would come through the use of radiation therapy or chemotherapy or immune stimulants.

The purpose of the government using the chemtrail's is to stop you from going 4th dimensional.  So every time you are able to enter into the 4th dimension, you overthrow the government's plan.  I realize I am side-stepping the topic, but this is so important.  Entering the 4th dimension during your times of meditation is one thing, but actually using those energies in a co-creative way with your soul, is a whole different energy.  If you do not access information that you can use in a creative way during your times of meditation, then all you have accomplished is entering into a relaxation mode.  When you meditate, it is important that you create something specific.  One way would be to use visualisation.  Another would be questions and answers directed to your high self.  Communication with your eternal self should be the goal of meditation, and not simply stepping into the light and relaxing in it.  You should focus upon establishing you nadial connecting systems and your Chakra systems internally and then in your etheric field and then on out into the grid systems of the galaxy for the purpose of accessing workable, useable information.  And all information that is being given now should be shared information.