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Adama of Telos
The Last War on this Planet - "A Candle of Hope"
Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings, my dear friends, this is Adama. I am so grateful to join with you again.

Tonight, I want to bring to your hearts what I call a "candle of hope," by giving you a broader perspective on a very probable war that is likely to take place very soon on your planet. There are many here from Telos joining me, as I speak, also enfolding you in a wondrous blanket of love, peace and protection.

Many people on your planet are in great fear and distress over events that have the potential of creating absolute crimes of injustice and violence against humanity and the millions of innocent and helpless people of Iraq and beyond. You are wondering why it could not be stopped as a result the great love, the many prayers, meditations, peace marches that millions of people have initiated on this planet and also as a result of the efforts of the brave ones who have given all they have in an attempt to secure peace to the Earth and Her precious children.

It is not that, as a collective, you have not done enough. You have done all you could, and your Creator has heard your prayers, your cries for help, and your intentions to live on a peaceful planet. Never in the whole history of this Earth humanity has banded together in love in such a great way to demand Peace for the Earth. All of heaven has been watching in awe and praising your efforts, adding to them energetically. By the love and the solidarity you have demonstrated, you have attracted the attention of millions upon millions of your space brothers from many universes and galaxies who have come here to watch you, and then to join you "etherically" in your efforts to bring peace on this planet. Do you know that many, many millions of them have decided to stay, and are now energetically walking among all of you to bring you the love and support that is needed for the hour?

Here in Telos, we have been keeping prayer vigils around the clock with all of you, and we have made ourselves ready to assist your safe passage into the next step of your evolutionary process, which will ease much of your pains, difficulties and worries.

Understand that there is a small group of people on this planet that think they "own this planet" and arrogantly think they can do anything they please, crush anyone they want, no matter the cost, the pain and the suffering imposed on humanity and the Earth, in order to maintain the
status quo of controlling, manipulating to keep all of you in servitude, even slavery, if they could. They also want to continue to maintain their enjoyment of the 95% of the wealth of this planet, while the rest of humanity has to be content with sharing a meager 5%. These people, dear ones, have a personal agenda and they want this war more than anything else.

Understand that they all know that your Creator has already taken back this precious planet under His embrace, and you are now under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun. They know fully well that the decree to end their dominance has been issued out of the Great Central Sun. Also realize that, out of absolute desperation, they think that there may still be a faint chance that they can be successful in their last attempt for total world control and dominance. Recognize that they are ready to risk "everything" in an attempt to delay a little longer their day of accountability. Without any evidence of the crimes they are accusing others, and without the support of the rest of the world, they are planning to go ahead with their plans. Know in your heart, my precious friends, that their time of ruthless patriarchal dominance is very soon coming to an end. They will soon have to render accountability for all the crimes they have perpetuated against humanity over eons of time. Also know that their fears are far greater than yours. Thus, here is the reason why they are so determined to play their "last card". And I mean their last card; they don't have any more cards after this. And for all of you, it will hasten a wondrous new and permanent beginning!

Because divine laws cannot interfere with "free will", the spiritual hierarchy is going to allow the course of events to take place, but be assured of divine intervention at some point. Expect astounding miracles to take place everywhere. All is in readiness by the Light Realm to counteracttheir action in wondrous ways. At this point, the war plans are in such a motion that it is almost beyond the point that it could be turned around. This country, under the orders of the shadow world government, has engaged in the war plans to such an extent, it is unthinkable for them to back off, even in front of the rest of the world standing against them. That is the nature of darkness; it is the test of pride, the test of wanting to be right and always having to have the last word. Very soon, dear ones, your political leaders will experience a serious dwindling down of their powers and tyranny; also know that your heavenly Father will have the last word.

In the time of Lemuria, we have experienced something similar, when we did have a long period of wars between Atlantis and Lemuria, even in the face of the potential threat of destruction of both continents. The rest is history, and you all know what happened and that there were no winners.Those wars weakened both continents to the extent they were destroyed 15,000 years later. Be also aware that many of those souls responsible for initiating the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria and their eventual destruction, are also the same souls who are here at this time attempting a similar feat.

But this time, we are in a different situation. Your Mother Earth's time for ascension has now come and her wishes will be honored. From this time forward, she will cleanse herself and will not tolerate any longer the abuse of Her body and of Her precious children. We ask you to allow Her that cleansing through the Earth changes. The third dimension will eventually roll its energy back to the fourth dimension and there will no longer be a third dimension, as you know it today. You will still have a physical body and you will feel as physical as you do now. It will be a physical fourth dimensional body, and later on, a fifth dimensional body that will be much lighter, but still feel physical. Closer than ever, you are now standing at the dawn of a new and bright golden age of love and true brotherhood.
We, of the Light Realm, can now say to you that this impending war is the last war that will ever be waged on this planet; and it will not be allowed to last very long. The dark forces know fully well that they have now reached their very last hour; the bells of accountability have been ringing in their ears for quite some time. They know that their only choices are to align with the consciousness of Love or ship out. You've heard the expression "the beast roars the loudest when cornered". And ship out, they certainly will at the right timing.

The Lightworkers in the United States and in many other countries are banding together through the Internet and through many other means, creating a web of light, web of unity and a web of love. The secret government people have a lot of attainment in the black arts; they have the ability to perceive this web of light and love that is being created on and around the planet. Know that your Light has become their greatest fear. It is their desire not to just control the planetary oil; but they also have, as a main agenda, to destroy this web of light and love that you are all creating. Their main agenda, besides the oil, is to create changes on this planet that will totally enslave you and reduce all of you to a bunch of slaves to serve their very wimps and keep you in dire poverty and bare survival. Actually, they have succeeded quite well so far, your way of life is quite challenging, and it would be just another step for them to totally engulf you in total slavery.
Be in peace, and hear the good news. Prior to their incarnations, the Lightworkers were promised by your Creator, that this time, you will be allowed in this very lifetime to embody the fullness of your I AM presence and your Christhood, manifesting on Earth, in your present incarnation the fullness of your divinity and spiritual gifts that have been veiled from you for a very long time. Understand that the beings controlling your planet have the agenda of stopping this enlightenment at all costs, because this will bring the end of their rulership. Soon, new governments that will really take care of its people and will be there for the benefit of the collective will be formed. Those who are destined to take those positions have been prepared and are already living among you.

The war that you are about to most likely experience will not be allowed to escalate to the level of a global disaster to destroy your planet and all of you. Your Earth Mother is ready and well prepared for what is about to take place. I repeat myself, there will be divine intervention, and be ready to witness miracles upon miracles. As the dark forces are playing their last card to bring all of you and the planet into a severe negative balance, the polarity of Light will also be there to assist in creating love-light and enlightenment.

This last war will have the effect of accelerating on the planet the winds of positive changes that you have been waiting for, for so long. It will have the effect of waking up literally millions upon millions more people to a new awareness of their divinity, and to reconsider new values for their life. People will soon open up to new visions for themselves and for their planet. They will seek to discover new goals and purposes that are more aligned with their true divine nature. So beyond the war, you will find millions and millions of people swelling the rank of the light-workers, banning together to create permanent peace and a new reality based on divine truths.

Expect that there will be losses of physical lives, there will be some destruction; there will also be a tumbling down of old outmoded patriarchal structures that no longer serve you. And there will also be a rebuilding of a new society based on the principle of universal laws and love. Be prepared to experience some sorrow and sad moments, but this will assist the opening of your heart in a much greater measure, the measure that is required for your passage in the higher dimension. It will also clear a lot of accumulated karma, making space for the new order.

Allow, children of my heart, allow the hand of God to play its hand of magic. Your Creator is watching very attentively, protecting the Earth and Her people who have chosen to stay to embrace their divinity. Instead of going into fear, despair and hopelessness, light a candle of hope in your heart, knowing that beyond the war, a brand new world awaits. Miracles are just waiting for you to grasp. The gifts of love and light by the Creator and by your star family will be pouring down into your lives and your heart in ways you have never experienced before.

Soon, we will join you physically; the long dark night that has separated us for so very long will be over, and together, we will create the new dream, manifesting it into the reality a new and wondrous world. Of course, this cannot happen until the powers that are in charge of this planet now are completely defeated; and this time is now very near. In your heart, light the candle of knowingness that the light will prevail, and the victory is assured. The people on this planet have risen together by the millions and have stated their intentions for peace, and so shall it be. You are marching all over your planet demanding peace, and so it shall be. You have become the "hub" of the entire cosmos watching your next step of love, light, intention and bravery, rising against the tyranny of one world government, and saying, this far and no further, your day is done. And the
Creator is smiling, saying, "Well these people at last are waking up; now I can decree: Let there be peace on Earth, and so it shall be".

We ask you to allow whatever will happen and remain in total peace in your heart, because it will be in divine order for the hand of your Creator to intervene. Don't allow yourself to go into fear, as you will be adding to the general confusion. But mostly, look beyond the war, and allowing yourself to receive all the gifts you have earned.

As the light will continue to increase upon the planet, so will your responsibilities. And we, your Lemurian brothers and sisters, are gathering our teams here upon the surface of the Earth to implement our great plans. The three of you are part of our team and there are many more, in every corner and country of this planet. We will be able to eventually use the good will of all of you who will desire to be in service with us, but nothing will be imposed on you. Your desire to serve with us will have to be ignited by the calling of your heart. If you wish to be of service, our mission will be involving a lot of people and many wondrous opportunities will offer themselves for those desiring to work with us side by side. You are the way showers, the first ones, the nucleus, and the small group that we are nurturing, embracing and cherishing here in Mount Shasta. The time of glory you have been waiting for is just beyond the cloud, beyond the storm of a fabricated war. If you can allow the clouds and storms to play out this last game, this last illusion, and do whatever you can to stay in your embodiment, you shall never regret it.

Just keep the candle of hope lit in your heart, for beyond the cloud is the glory, the ease and the grace. The dawning of a new world, a new vibration on this planet and the beginning of unity, the greater love where violence will be no more is now just beyond the cloud. Take care of each other intime of needs, extend your love and your comfort to those who did not have the opportunity to learn what you already know. Become the pillars of peace for all those in fear, so that they can lean on you to be comforted. As others will lean on you for comfort, we invite you to lean on us for your strength and support. In the days to come, we will be with you ever so closely, extending much love and assistance.

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