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"To understand why Earth is in its present turmoil, we must flash back in time to the great civilization of Atlantis. Oh Yes; Atlantis really existed! Not as a figment of science fiction, but as a tangible civilization in Earth's past history.

Man's purpose in experiencing life anywhere in the Universe is to grow in evolutionary experience and to master each phase in his eternal life. And how do we master the third dimensional environment of Earth?
First, by getting to truly 'know ourselves' - who we are, what we are, why we are here.
Second, by learning to control all aspects of this environment. Third, by understanding Earth and its relationship to what lies beyond the third dimensional environment. In Atlantis, Man had advanced to a remarkable degree of control and understanding of this third dimensional environment, and was at a point where he could have led Earth and its inhabitants into the fourth dimensional experience of physical-spiritual growth.

Instead, some who possessed advanced knowledge began to abuse and pervert this knowledge by enslaving other men, and by misusing their spiritual powers in various other ways. When this abuse of spiritual power became too widespread, it set into motion certain karmic forces which resulted in the eventual disintegration and destruction of the civilization. This destruction did not occur in one giant cataclysm, as may be commonly supposed.

Eventually the memory of the glorious civilization that once existed faded entirely, except in the awareness of the adepts who possessed the arcanum, and in the subconscious minds of former Atlanteans. What has all of this to do with the unfolding Divine Plan? Just this: Atlantis was not the only great civilization that has evolved on Earth. There have been others lost to antiquity, such as Lemuria. Each time that mankind has advanced to the level of a Lemuria or an Atlantis, it has had within its reach the opportunity to raise Earth's level of consciousness to fourth dimensional awareness and it has failed.

Each failure was due to the misuse of spiritual powers. In the past, this could be condoned because there was still another chance. Now, however, we have reached a point in Earth's history and in Galactic evolution where the transition into fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness must be made. Man is now being made aware of certain galactic facts of universal, immortal life. As you know, our Solar System is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar System revolves around the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy in an orbit that takes 206 million years, as you calculate time. Let us refer to this revolution of our Solar System around the Galaxy as the Great Cycle Orbit. Our Solar System was created over four and a half billion years ago. This corresponds to 22 Great Cycle Orbits of our Solar System around the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy.

 In the Will of Divine Mind, as communicated to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System, this completes the time cycle in which our entire Solar System is to remain in its present state of evolution. As the Aquarian Age dawns, we begin to move into a new orbit around the Great Central Sun, and to move into a new vibration where no expression below the fourth dimension can continue to exist on Earth. Man first began to experience life in our Solar System 206 million years ago, at the beginning of the present Great Cycle Orbit. The Divine Plan is for all Human life within our Solar System to achieve at least the awareness of cosmic consciousness by the end of this orbit, which is reaching its conclusion now with the end of the Piscean Age.

 This means that Man of Earth must immediately become aware of what cosmic consciousness is and take the necessary steps to raise his individual level of consciousness to that state of awareness. Failure to do so will result in temporary self destruction! Man of Earth, in his present state, simply cannot tolerate the new incoming vibration. Within this Great Cycle Orbit, there have been a number of lesser cycles. When the Atlantean civilization failed to reach its development potential, this left only the 26,000 year cycle of the Zodiac to complete the Plan. As the present Piscean Age draws to a close, this 26,000 year cycle, concurrently with the Great Cycle Orbit, comes to an end. At this moment, planet Earth is the only planet in our Solar System where man has not yet reached the cosmic level of awareness. This level of consciousness must now be rapidly attained in order to fulfill the Divine Plan."