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 by Peter Farley

My dearest children,

Know always how dearly you are loved by That which has tried to give you comfort and nurture, just as you are always so dearly loved by that which created you. The problem now is that you have chosen to be a spoiled child, much as has been reflected in the children you yourselves have chosen to breed and to raise, and who themselves now take so much of their world for granted and without giving in return.
It is you who have chosen to call me Mother, and as a good Mother it is time for me to rein in this disturbing behaviour before you and all your kind destroy that which in fact supports you and is necessary for your very existence here upon the physical plane. Mothers these days are those who are most likely to suffer from chronic fatigue. This dis-ease is the result of a person having given so much of themselves away that they no longer have anything left to give, having saved nothing of who they themselves are for their own nurturance. Your Earth Mother is feeling exactly this same way. I have allowed you to take, and take, and to take, without you ever once giving back to me, responding with the same kind of unconditional love I have shown you, and which has always been needed to support all life on this planet. You have taken the unconditional love of your mother until you have bled her dry of all the love left to preserve herself.

In order for her to survive, She now needs to take the next step in her own evolution. This is the ascenscion into a higher dimensional state which will allow her to be reborn and to again be renewed so that once more she will be able to again support a higher dimensional form of life. This is not a desertion of her children or of her Motherly duties. It is simply a necessary step in her own re-evolution back to the "source of all that which is." In order to support her children, a mother must be able to support and maintain herself in a form which is nourishing both to herself and to her children.

The coming Earth changes which have been written about so extensively if you have bothered to keep track of your own future, are indeed a very real fact for the very near future-a future which will cause you all much concern and distress should you not take this opportunity to avail yourself of this forewarning. These changes are not meant to hurt you or display anything less than the greatest love I feel for you as my children. However, they are a necessary step in the cleansing of my own inner being in order to take this most wonderful and exciting step back toward the home from which I too once came. It is a journey of great significance for Us all if we choose to be aware of it and take those necessary steps which will advance our own consciousness towards the blending with that which is Eternal.

Life for Me is a matter of creation, of birth, of life and of eventual death (as you would call it). Planetary and galactic life forms have their existence much the same as you do in a corporeal substance which has a limited duration in terms of existence on the lower planes. WE too, however, have eternal existence in the grander scheme of things. Indeed as those who are most in tune with the planetary consciousness which I represent have said, We are all indeed One, and in that oneness we all have coexistence. It is only asked of us that we respect all life as if it were ourselves, for in fact it is.

You have not done this, as many chances and wake-up calls as you have been given. As many signs and advance warnings as have been offered, you have chosen to follow your own will blindly with little or no regard for the planet upon which you live, or for the Higher Good. Nor have you been willing to think about the others who share this most wonderful and colourful of all spaces with you, nor for the future generations of those who would come after you.

Some of you have sought to blame the greater influences of control which have shaped your history and which now seek to totally control you and all things which exists upon this planet, and indeed in this entire corner of the Universe at this time. It has been a difficult struggle for you without the full knowledge of your own glorious birth in the FATHER, and to all the wonders of the Universe to which you have not been privy. Still, this is not to say that the information has not been available to you, each and every one, either through the wisdom of your own hearts or through the sharing of the knowledge by those who have been sent to guide you through this maze of the third dimensional world.

Personal responsibility for what is taking place has not been taken by the masses as they have submitted willingly to being led by what was most easy and which offered them the path of least resistance. That is as it may be the scenario which has led you to the precipice upon which you now stand as a people and as individuals. What will now take place is the offering to you of a choice for the individual consciousness that longs to break free of the slave mentality which has driven you to this point. It is a mentality which has now led you, much as my other children the Lemmings, to march to your own doom without question. The only thing left is your individual choice of whether you will follow me into this wonderful state of higher dimension where life will once again begin anew, or whether you will choose to follow your attachments to physical things and lead a life separate from me in a new and very much less wonderful place than I have tried to provide for you.

There is not much more that I can say, only that you are loved, that you ALL are loved and cherished beyond your physical or emotional capacity to understand. Nothing which is to happen should be taken as anything less than an attempt to move all of Creation to the next step in its fulfilment. It is not personal. It is only LOVE incarnate.

I am and always will be your protector and your defender, and your most eternal loving Mother Being.

Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, writer, lecturer, teacher, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer. He is author of the upcoming book, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? --the history of alien interaction with the Earth, past, present, and into the near future; especially its formative role in the global conspiracy known as the New World Order.

He has worked for different newspapers over the years, including the Roswell Daily Record in Roswell, NM. He currently writes for a variety of publications on the topic of aliens, earth changes and the future of the planet, including the David Icke E-magazine.

In 1998, working with noted abductee-counselor and author Budd Hopkins, he was the original organizer of the Abductee Forum at the Roswell UFO Festival. He still works with other abductees. He has appeared on national talk radio. He was a featured speaker at the recent Roswell UFO Festival 2000 and the first-ever Santa Fe UFO Fiesta. He currently makes his home in Roswell, NM.

He can be contacted by mail at: P.O. Box 8231, Roswell, NM 88202 or by e-mail at