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Yes said the Angel - I will answer your questions - Gabriel
I asked for further light and knowledge into the nature of reality. I felt an awareness of another intelligence, and began to ask questions:

Q. Who are you?

I am a Spirit being in the presence of the Father.

Q.Are you an Angel?


Q.What is your name
I am Gabriel.

Q. Will you answer some questions?


Q. Why do you call the being in whose presence you are, 'Father?'

Because He is the Father of your Spirit body.

Q. My Spirit body?

Q. Is He God?
He is termed A God. But he is not The God.

Q.Who is The God?
Define what you mean by God.

Q.The all perfect, all powerful, creator of all things. The one who keeps all things going
There is no such form.

Q.What do you mean by form.

Q.What is God then.
God (using your term) is the uncreated infinite eternal essence, thought energy that is the source for all creation.

Q.What is "Father" then?
He is intelligence, gathered and formed by God.

Q.How did he become a created form?
By thoughts projected from God.

Q.How did thought create him?

God's thoughts gathered a portion of his own intelligent essence to fill the form he thought.

Q.Since Fathers essence is eternal, is his form eternal?

His form is eternal.

Q.Is "Father" the only father

Q.Is he a God?
According to man's perception, yes and no. Let's define the words: God is the uncreated eternal intelligent energy essence from which all creation is manifested. All other forms, all conscious (self aware) intelligent forms are Intelligences. As one Intelligence is more intelligent than another, God is more intelligent than them all. God is the supreme Intelligence.

Q.Ok. Tell me about "Father."
Father is an Intelligence who began his life of self-awareness (consciousness) like all Intelligences do. Through many experiences (lives) he matured until He became a Father.

Q.What are human beings
They are flesh and blood forms in a material world.

Q.What am I?
You are an Intelligence inside a spirit body, inside a human form having an Earthly experience.

You chose it.


To grow from your experiences.

Q.What kind of growth does experience give me?

Q.Why do Intelligences need knowledge?
It's not about need, it's about creation and joy. Intelligences create because creating brings joy. That's what intelligences do, create. The more knowledge and intelligence an Intelligence has the more he creates, and the more he knows the more he can create, and the more joy he has.

Q.Why did God create the first form, the first separate self-aware Intelligence?
There was no first form/Intelligence. There have always been Intelligences. Creation is without beginning and without end, it is one eternal round.

Q.Why does God create Intelligences separate from Itself?
It brings him joy.

Q.Why is Earth life the way it is?
It was designed by Fathers as a place for experiences.


Yes, Fathers. There are many Fathers, grandfathers, and so forth. Again, as one has experiences, he increases in intelligence and knowledge, and creates other Intelligences and other things.

Q.Like what?

All things visible and invisible.

Fathers access the intelligence essence of God and combines intelligence essence to create form, to create Intelligences. Fathers also take matter, which is comprised of intelligence essence and create forms, all the forms seen by humans, and all forms not seen by humans. Fathers create planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes, all creation, ever expanding, ever increasing. All Intelligences that become self-aware--conscious--can gain knowledge and increase until they too become Fathers. Father (meaning creators) are creators of all living and all forms, and all forms have living essence.
Q.So, humans can become Fathers.
Yes, humans have and will continue to increase to become Fathers beyond Earth life. It's similar to Earth life, where men create from Earth's resources and have offspring. Fathers on higher plains of intelligence also use resources to create and have offspring.

Q.So, again, why is Earth life the way it is?
So men can have experiences, gain knowledge and intelligence.

Q.What knowledge is important
All knowledge is important.

Q.What requirements are there to become a Father?
Good will. Love for, and of, Intelligences. The intent of Fathers is only for the highest good of Intelligences. Nothing a Father does is but for the highest good of ALL creation. Fathers enjoy their self-awareness, enjoy creating, love creating and love their creations, love their offspring, and in all this their joy increases as they increase, and they desire all who will, to have the same joy.

Q.What do you mean by "will
Intelligences, those that are self-aware, are agents unto themselves, are free, have free-will, make choices, are free to choose their course in life.

Q.On Earth too?

Q.But there are so many limitations on Earth.
Yes. Limitations, or structure, established by Fathers, make experiences possible. Without limitations/structure/law, experiences would not be possible.

Q.Explain that.
When Fathers access intelligence essence from God they gather them together to create an Intelligence. This Intelligence has free-will to choose his life. The Intelligence is guided in his choices having the benefit of Intelligences and Fathers who have come before. This guidance includes offering the intelligence experiences that increase his knowledge to a point where the Intelligence enters a spiritual form, a spiritual body created by Fathers, in order that he may gain further experiences. All forms are limitations/structure, and every world is a form, also with limitations and structure, or laws that govern them. There would be no forms of any kind without laws, and laws in and of themselves create limitations, or boundaries.

Q.Who made the laws?

The laws are unmade, they are part and parcel of the intelligence essence of God. All things conform to law to be a creation, or creation would not be possible.

Q.So God and his essence and the laws that govern creation, are all eternal and uncreated. They just are

Q.What about this planet? Why is it the way it is?
Earth was created by Fathers for the education of their offspring, their children (and other intelligences). It is a place of opposites designed specifically so that Intelligences could enter human bodies (and other bodies) and experience for themselves all aspects of Earth-life.

Q.But why so much death and destruction, pain and suffering?

Earth-life was set up to teach opposites: Dark and light, pain and pleasure. Everything was specifically designed so that mankind would be challenged. Earth itself is a place of extreme limitations, even scarcity and division, for these help create opposite experiences. Nationalities, languages, continents, resources, governments, religions, all things to create separateness and division.

Q.The Fathers did a good job
Yes. And when you combine challenges with free-will, the world is a perfect stage for learning.

Q.How did Intelligences (inside spirit bodies) first become humans on Earth
Fathers came to Earth and established their offspring here, creating Earthly, or human bodies, so that their children's spirit bodies could enter the human bodies.

Q.What happens when a human dies?
His Earth body returns to the Earth and is assimilated and his spirit body and Intelligence enters the dimension of spirit.

Q.What then?
They continue being guided into experiences that increases their knowledge and intelligence, their ability to enhance their creative abilities and their joy.

Q.What about Earths future?
Earth has a time frame, and will fulfill its purpose.

Q.What about man on Earth, what's our future?
Earth, like man, like all creation, is in metamorphosis.

Q.What about our immediate future, what will it be like, what's coming at us?
Transition from one reality into a higher reality. Man and Earth are changing. Both are evolving towards a higher realm of consciousness, a higher nature, a God-like nature of love and harmony.

Q.What significant events will be in our near future
The changes Earth will go through will cause catastrophic events in nature as the Earth returns to its former glory.

Q.Former glory?
Yes. The Earth is a mechanism created for various cycles of influence upon humanity, and as it was it will again become, and future yet, it will rise above its previous glory.

Q.What about government, wars, aliens, assaults from space, etc.?

The Earth and man will yet have many experiences that will test hearts to the limit and a great division will occur among humanity where all who live, from day to day, will be required, because of circumstances, to make choices that will either raise them to higher consciousness, or cause them to be swept from the Earth. Even many who are thus raised to higher consciousness will leave this world, but nothing is lost, for each soul's choices will rise with him.

Q.What is this division?

In the realms of higher Intelligences, only those who have experienced the enigmatic depths of extreme experiences and have chosen love and peace over fear, anger, hate, jealousy, fear, vanity, pride, greed, selfishness and all other forms of self-deception, will awaken to higher consciousness, for where higher Intelligences reside, there only is peace, joy and happiness, equal to their consciousness, and in the times ahead, according to men's decisions, they divide themselves, either choosing love and peace, or hate and destruction.

Q.So what are these extreme experiences coming?
It is a near endless list of trials and tribulations that affect the whole man, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is a test of many aspects, with only two decisions possible: Either you love others equal to yourself, or you love yourself more than others. The test requires you to demonstrate the one or the other.

Q.What happens to those that love themselves more than others?
They will continue in the next life gaining lower level, and same level experiences, until they decided for themselves what truly brings peace, joy and happiness, until they decide they are tired of difficult consequences for their decisions and actions.

Q.And what of those who make the higher-consciousness decision to love others as they love themselves, equally?
They too will continue in the next life, then, or later, and they will joy in their higher joy and move on to experiences that offer increase beyond their imagination.

Q.So this world is fulfilling the purposes of God?
All creation is fulfilling the purposes of God, and the free-will of Intelligences. All things are allowed in life, but all things have their reward. Everything that happens on Earth, whether nature, governments, wars, slavery, freedom, injury, sickness, and death, work for the good of man, and in finality, they all work upon the hearts of men, causing them to seek for the love and peace of God that is within their own hearts.

Q.What counsel will you give?
The peace that all mankind seek is found within themselves, regardless of circumstances, experiences, worlds, or any other influence. If an individual wants peace throughout eternity, do not love yourself beyond others, but love yourself, all men, all creation equally, willing always to share of your bounty, in every aspect, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. The peace that all mankind seeks is only to be found within the heart of man himself. Do not love life, your life, above that of another, and then, and only then, will the peace of God manifest wholly within your soul-there is no greater joy, peace and happiness.

Thank you for this first session.
"Your welcome," said Gabriel.


I desire more than anything to share with you how it is I walk in peace, joy and happiness in a mad, mad world, but when I try to explain it to anyone whose life is in turmoil, who is vexed by every imaginable event, whose focus is on having life meet his expectations, who refuses to find joy, peace and happiness unless his life is perfect, going perfectly according to his plan, I fail. I meet people daily who find facets of their lives almost intolerable, and I try to share my peace with them, but invariably, to no good consequence. I am at peace with my inability, but my desire is still for their joy, peace and happiness.

My own life is not perfect. It does not meet my every expectation, and turmoil abounds, as do the small "vexations" of daily life, like where is the money to pay this and that, and being stranded on the side of the road for four hours, and people problems, but, I find joy in it all, am at peace with it, and happy.

I can only guess at my good fortune, and it is this: Each day is what it will be (sometimes all my efforts to the contrary) and when the day is done, it has been what it was, and being in the past, it cannot be changed, so I harmonize with my reality, even as it happens, and I think, to do less, is insanity.

Each day I have everything I need to live, and when the day comes that I do not, it will be my day to depart, and if that is so, what power can prevent it.

My heart is not set upon this world, nor the world to come. I am as free as a whispering breeze, and untroubled as a young child at play. I do the best I know how, and leave the rest in the hands of eternity, for after all, who am I, except he who did not make the heavens and the earth, nor did orchestrate my own existence. I leave it all in the hands of the architects of creation, and gladly say, "Thank you."