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Sananda AKA Jesus Christ
And welcome my dear ones, this is Sananda here with you this evening. I wish to welcome you to our gathering, those of you who are new make yourselves at home. I wish to share a great deal of energy and healing with you this evening, along with some perspectives to assist you in the transformation that is occurring now within you and in your world, upon your world. I invite you to relax yourselves and feel at home. Know that though you may feel that you are among strangers, truly you are surrounded by your family members.

Perhaps take a look around and welcome them back into your lives. For upon this path you do connect with those you have interacted with before. No laughing please, (laughter), don't make fun of the packages they are in this time. It is a beautiful, peaceful evening, an opportunity to bring through energies that will assist each of you in your path, to whatever degree you have given yourself to spiritual growth.

This energy feeding that we bring you this evening will assist you in taking the next step. There are many Masters in attendance with us this evening and we work with you individually and as a group and also utilise your energies, your open channels in sending healing energy through to mother Earth. So we are having a multidimensional, many faceted experience this evening. You may feel that nothing is happening, whatever your experience is that is your experience. To most benefit from this evening just relax and breath with us. Focus yourself in a meditative mode.

You will have the opportunity to ask question and I will serve you in that way later on. So just relax and breath with me for a moment. I would like to speak briefly this evening and then share my perspectives concerning balancing Karma's and Earth changes and this type of thing. Something that some of you may have some interest in, since you are walking around in physical bodies. Perhaps you are thinking, what is going to happen to me next. The Earth is shaking and the winds are howling and the fires are roaring, I am just a poor human being. Well you are a human being but you are not poor, you are rich in spirit. What is occurring on a planetary scale is a great clearing, a great balancing of discordant energies that have gathered and collected here upon this planet for many many centuries. It is a time that requires a complete balancing of all Karmic accounts. You could say the Earth has been giving you credit for quite a while and now she is commanding that the debt is paid. The Earth has been holding the negative energies, dense energies, human creations and now is releasing these.
In most cases, in all cases the beings who are affected by these releases are those who are the source of these negative energies. So let this put your mind at ease a bit, when I say that there are no accidents and you are of the Light and giving yourself have nothing to fear.
The Karmic balance is being carried out most efficiently and effectively by the Spiritual Hierarchy, by the Earth, by the Nature Spirits.
It is a beautiful concert which to 3rd and 4th dimensional thinking might seem a bit discordant. But it is in truth in total harmony with what is required now. There are Karmic laws, natural laws in effect and you witness these each day in your lives. A law of action and reaction, in order that the balance might be achieved, that the Earth might go into it's next phase, into it's 5D manifestation, these Karma's are being balanced and this is what you are witnessing in the Earth change phenomena
.And this is what you are experiencing also within yourselves as individuals as your beings come into balance and harmony. Within this panorama of experience there is an additional power, an additional force we have not calculated into the equation. It is the power of Grace. At this time on this world those beings who have within their heart the desire to access Spirit, to surrender, to give their lives to highest wisdom, highest good, to the divinity that is within have at their finger tips, at their disposal access to this higher law. It is this higher law of Grace that you will utilise in your ascensions, in your realisation, in your re-emergence with your Divine overself in the ascension experience.
The power of Grace can transform and transmute your Karmic balance sheet. Each of you have through your own creations, through your own beliefs accrued a certain Karmic balance. And as you are the Light workers, for most of you I would say this balance is a very positive one and still all must be surrendered. All must be levelled and balanced. All must be brought to that still point of focus, to that union with the Christ Consciousness. So each of you my dear ones are given a choice at this time in your lives and this is a very real choice, it is not philosophy that we are speaking of here.

I am speaking of you in this moment having the opportunity to experience liberation from Karmic balances and imbalances. And the choices that you make with regards to your attention and your consciousness, your focus are what determines the response, the result that you achieve in your experience. We have spoken many times on many occasions concerning your belief patterns, the limitation that you have believed in and which have come into fruition and creation in your lives. I will give you a good example, most of you were taught that because you were born you had to die, and this was ingrained within you ever since you could fathom the principles of life and death and yet, by the power of grace transmutation this belief pattern can also be transmuted. This experience can be transmuted and overcome in the ascension.

And there are many, many examples of this where as false beliefs have been accepted in the consciousness of humanity to the point where human beings believe many half truths or partial truths or falsehoods, and because all believe it, accept it as truth, reality. In fact it is the reality that they are living in. What we are asking you to do is to break the patterns, to open to the power of Grace, to this perspective of liberation and ascension. And to believe that it is possible that you don't have to die. That you don't have to experience Karma, purification's and clearings and intensities, anger, fear. What have you got? What ever it is, these are your creations based upon limited patterns of reality that you have accepted.

These are your Karmic balance sheets. Natural law, Karmic law provides that human beings have had a certain amount of time, a certain period in which to explore the realm of Karma. Of birth and rebirth and death and re-death in the search for balance. In the search for the beyond. For the deeper reality, for that which creates birth and death, that which is beyond. Now is the time for these experiments in consciousness to come to fruition.