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There is a pulse coming from the centre of the galaxy (galactic core), which has now been measured and discovered by astronomers to and is known as the Photon Belt. There are also other sources of energies entering our Solar System such as Cosmic and Gamma rays. The Solar system itself follows a 26,000 year orbit around the galactic core and we enter this "Photon Belt" of energies every 13,500 years. Scientists are now measuring Pk readings that have increased six fold and we are also experiencing massively increased solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Activity
This pulse, cosmic events and the entrance into a place of higher consciousness and energy, is causing our Sun to expand and become unstable. The increased solar emissions are absorbed by the Earth creating severe weather; an increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, heat and pressure through induction which is released later as an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. These alluvial energies are actually levitating the plates and the change on all levels, often referred to as "The Quickening" is HERE.

The vulcanism beneath the oceans was the source of El Nino. The fires in Mexico, Guatamala, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil are not only due to weather conditions and drought caused by El Nino, but also due to magma rising to the surface in these areas. Mexico is experiencing ground temperatures of over 200 degrees and Indonesia has had ground temperatures of 350 degrees in some areas. (Mexico has been measuring ground temperatures above 350, there are reports of trees exploding into flames. Popo has errupted as predicted and people are being warned to get ready to evacuate at any time. (Popo will have a tremendous explosion according to Native American prophecy.)

These areas will undergo massive earth changes in the near future. The smoke from these fires will be seen throughout much of the world. The increase in UV rays is also causing the mutation in frogs, salamanders, fish and the overall transmutation of all life. (Scientists have discovered massive evidence in the Cascade Mountain Range of UV damage to frogs, salamanders and fish breeding in shallow water. There is also evidence coming in from around the world concerning this event.) La Nina is the Earth's attempt to balance herself with the cold water from the melting of the poles. (10,000 miles of iceshelf have disappeared last year alone, more than the last 15 years). This, by any means, does not mean the changes are over. More severe weather and massive flooding in areas which once had drought will be caused by a change in the jetstream. These changes will continue. 

These Grand cycles are well known throughout ancient history and are recorded in India, Native American, Tibetan, Mayan, Egyptian, and other cultures as well. These higher orbital energies creating the CMEs and solar flares have a direct impact on Earth not only physically but socially and economically. According to research published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, sunspot activity is directly related to historical events such as wars, epidemics and mass changes in consciousness. (Latest discoveries have shown more virulent airborne virus and bacteria on the rise.)
Soviet scientist's research and Kirilian photography shows the electromagnetic fields of the human aura flare in conjunction with the solar flares and CMEs. This influx of energy creates a vibrational lifting, excitability and jump in frequency. The Earth has its electromagnetic fields as well and the base resonate frequency of Earth has nearly doubled from 7 to 9 and jumped to 14 occasionally in recent years. Just like resistance in a wire under electrical current creates heat, the denser aspects of our self and the Earth are heating up, vibrating faster, creating a release and change.

The stormy personal relationships, business relationships and our relationship to Earth and the Creator are also going through immense change. There is a polarity created where some move into more exalted states of Love, Joy and Bliss, a reunion with the creator, and others take the downward spiral into fear, anger, separation and control often blaming and projecting in emotional outbursts. In the latest tests at Stanford, monkeys, when exposed to magnetic field fluctuations, showed behaviour from comatose to self mutilation. Our magnetic fields have been undergoing fluctuations as well. Do we have to behave like monkeys? Well if we choose the monkey mind often referred to as reactionary mind or the ego, yes. If we align ourselves with love and compassion, divine mind, the answer is an emphatic NO.

On a scale of 1 to 10 in field strength the Earth's magnetic fields are now at around 1.5. This also increases the possibility of meteor impacts with two large meteor showers scheduled in the near future. This drop in field strength is often a precursor to a magnetic pole shift. If we match the higher consciousness and energy flowing with it releasing the lower vibrational attitudes and emotions, our frequency will rise beyond the effects on the lower mental and emotional levels.

But what of the physical? There is a lot of discussion in these areas. Some say consciousness creates reality and if I believe it will not affect me, it won't. This is indeed ultimately true, yet spiritual ego, attachment and denial sometimes elevate us far beyond our present abilities. There are many teachers caught in this trap. Although the raising of the Earth's frequency will lesson the severity of upcoming social, economic and physical Earth changes, the key word is CHANGE. There must be a change in consciousness and action according to universal law for divine intervention to be granted. Who is to say the Earth Changes are not divine intervention and an answer to the prayer of millions? There is a little flaw in this theory as far as physicality many teachers seem to miss. You have a physical body which is subject to the physical changes and the laws of nature unless you have mastered levitation or turned yourself into a light principle. A good test of where you are at is to take a few steps back from a great tree. Meditate and wish it away, say it doesn't exist, it is an illusion. Now run real fast straight at it. This will show a slight flaw in this theory and Nature, the tree, just delivered a powerful lesson in humility. NOTE: "We are not to be held liable or responsible for anyone foolish enough to attempt this experiment. Trees, although they are 90% water, are quite solid to the human body." Another easier test is to go to the ocean and tell the waves to stop or the wind to cease.

There will be places which will undergo severe change in Earth's transition, a cleansing and healing process and it is best to remove yourself without attachment and denial from these areas. The coasts, major fault lines, low elevations along rivers and flood planes are places where it would be wise to find a new location. It is time for all to re-evaluate their lives, get their priorities and values in order and replace separation and arrogance with a strong reverence for Nature. Go out into Nature; sit upon the land and ask it if it is safe to be there. You will feel it in your body. If there is nowhere to go in your present environment to be with Nature chances are your environment is going to change.

The Hopi tradition talks about the fourth world now ending through spiritual purification and moving into the fifth where Humanity must make their spiritual connection, regain their integrity and closeness to the Earth. These ancient prophesies speak of the spider webs in the sky, "CHEMTRAILS"; how plague and disease follows, which is a direct manifestation from the chemtrails, followed by the purification.

Even the ancient legends of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria speak of these cycles. Their demise came when the warlords and scientists took control in their lust for control and power over the individual. Technology without love and compassion almost completely destroyed the Earth, making it almost uninhabitable, forcing everyone to start over as primitives. It was a split between the Sons of Belial in their lust for power and wealth who wanted to dominate, be served, and rule over everyone and the Law of One, those who wanted to serve those less fortunate, saw the God in everyone and all life. The Sons of Belial won and look where that took their civilisation.

Sound familiar? They were polarised just as we are today and allowed the warlords and scientists to seize control. Some of the black projects today are playing with the same energies which annihilated other previous civilisations. "HAARP" and particle accelerators can open a hole in space turning the Earth into a super nova.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing." Edmund Burke

If we continue business as usual as a civilisation, we will be led blindly by Multinational Corporations, hypocritical leaders, and various institutions, like lemmings into the upcoming social, economic and environmental collapse. It is time for the individual to awaken, regain their power and find the courage to make a stand. There are the dark hearts whose unbridled greed and lust for power and wealth at the expense of Humanity and Nature is insatiable. They will not stop until they own and control everyone and everything. The light hearts serve Humanity and Nature with impeccable integrity. The grey hearts, who due to insecurity and a lack of courage and integrity, do the bidding of the dark hearts, as they turn a blind eye to their actions as willing participants in actions that are harmful to Humanity and Nature. They support the manufactured lack and dependency created and perpetuated by the dark hearts, thus living a life of hypocrisy and denial. The dark hearts are on a downward spiral into oblivion. The light hearts will be the leaders and builders of the new millennium The grey hearts have to choose.

Armageddon or Planetary Ascension are options. Cosmic Spiritual forces through Nature are going to insure that we choose one or the other. Love is the one law that supersedes all law, love of God, Humanity in all its diversity and Nature, the sacred circle of life. It will be as if the law of love is enforced in the days to come due to the nature of love, which is the ultimate power in the universe, causing all that which is not love to rise up and greet it. The action/reaction principle or karma will be accelerated and even the physical bodies will fail if we do not allow love to flow through each seal or Chakra without resistance. That is what the body was truly designed for. To be a channel of love. Now is the time to choose selflessness and service, thus ending the false belief in separation.

When asked in deep prayer and meditation, why in the past there has been so much resistance and lack of support for awakening and healing work done here at the Sanctuary, Cazekiel answered, "You present a challenge. They waiver in integrity, and find false security in the status quo. A grand floor show is coming; Nature will be the star."

Sun Cycles and Something Called a Photon Belt...05/14/01
by Mitch Battros  (ECTV)
This sure came fast, but then doesn't everything seem to be speeding up. I have quickly come across some scientific data that indicates a connection to the cause of our Sun's natural cycle. It appears to be connected to SGR's (Soft Gamma Repeater) and GRB's (Gamma Ray Burst) which occur near or within our galaxy. Could this somehow be connected to what many methaphysicians call the "Photon Belt"?

The Photon Belt is a highly debated phenomenon amongst those in the field of metaphysics as well as some scientist. I must say, this idea is a bit of a stretch for me. But then again "We Are All Just Kind Of Guessing". Also to remind ourselve's, all science is subjective. So lets take a closer look at what I will describe as the "Wave Of Awakening".  It is believed that a wave of charged particles, or some might say "spiritual energy" is heading towards Earth that will change our environment and our lives forever (or at least for a long ,long time). Could it be the phenomenon showing a connection between Magnetar outburst, SGR's, and GRB's do in fact effect our Sun which in turn producers CME's, M-Class and X-Class Flares. This in turn affects our Magnetic Field surrounding the Earth. This in like is the cause of the increase of weather phenomenon which I call "Earth Changes"? My vote is "Why Not".  Is it possible the initiator of this seemingly connected chain reaction, which I believe to be in perfect order, be the result of an initiating cause? If yes, could this intiating cause be none other than a less known natural cycle called a "Photon Belt"? Well maybe! Let's take a closer look. Ersin Gogus, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama has come up with a term called "Power Law". He describes a systematic reaction were he states "Subsystems self-organize to a critical state in which a slight disturbance can cause a chain reaction, such as an avalanche, an earthquake, or a magnetar outburst," Gogus explained. While this self-organization - a theory developed in 1988 by Per Bak - cannot predict the strength or time of the next event, "It does let us expect that the strongest events at high energies tend to occur less frequently than other events."  In the case of earthquakes or starquakes, the distribution of strength will follow a pattern called a power law.  Gogus found that the waiting time between successive bursts ranged from 0.25 to 1,421 seconds (almost 24 minutes), with a peak at 49 seconds in the middle of the bell curve formed by the burst waiting times.

This does not translate into a way of predicting when a burst will occur, but implies some underlying mechanism within the magnetar is driving events and that they are not totally random. In addition, it doesn't seem to store up energy for "the big one" since there was no correlation between the waiting time and the intensity of the next burst.  The other interesting effect is called a power law energy distribution. That is, plotting discrete event energies against the number of events within discrete energy ranges produces a straight line.  Could this "underlying mechanism" Gogus describes be the Photon Belt? Who knows, but it is fodder for thought.

We have come a long way from the cute names like El Nino, La Nina and La Coo-carcha. It appears we are now able to show a connection between Earth Changes and the Sun's natural cycles. Again, I believe we are in what I and others are calling a "Mega Cycle". As stated in my previous article, it was only natural to ask "what causes the Sun's cycle". I must admit I have been influenced by a few special people that have sparked my curiosity of what they call a "Photon Belt". This article is meant to introduce the thought of such an event that will change the earth's, as well as our own, "vibration". Could this be the event that lifts us into a new dimension, or what the Hopi's call the Fifth World. The Bible calls it "Heaven on Earth". Many eastern philosophies call it "The Time Of Accession". I sure hope so. I love the idea. It also rings true for me.

During these times of fast pace information and unfolding, always remember what has become my internal affirmation "Do not follow my truth (or anyone else) follow Your Truth. Ask and you shall find. Find what? "Your Truth".

Mitch Battros