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Without fear, they have  no way to control us and so are impotent. Remember this when you most need it. With this as an overview, I would now like to present in general some experiences which will occur upon entering the Photon Belt. Keep in mind that these are
some of what may be expected. Many more will arise of which we are as yet unaware. Some of these have already been mentioned but are equally important with
the rest.

1. The Photon Belt and the manasic radiation are vehicles  of transformation. The Photon Belt is the home of the Christ; the radiation is the emerging eminence of the Christ. Through these spiritual vehicles, provided  we work with them, we are being given the opportunity to break the current restraints of bondage and go home from whence we originally came. However, the choice is ours. Free will will prevail.

2. The new moon solar eclipse on  November 3, 1994,along with its predecessor, the lunar eclipse of the sun in  1991, amplified the love of our Mother God. Along with everything else, our  consciousness is being restructured to a state of balance wherein we
will become equal parts of the feminine and masculine energies, just as Jesus did; we will become androgynous, that is, 50% male and 50% female. The emphasis is being placed on the feminine because the male energies are now discordant, archaic, and too
fixed. Take a look around your world and see the insanity of man in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti,

Russia, and yes, even the United States. The feminine must transcend and transform these old male patterns before the christed energies can be balanced here on Earth. If we are to survive, look for the emergence of the soft male and the strong woman. Women, remember this! Your greatest and most sacred strength on Earth is your femininity; it is the future  and the way. Encompass and enjoy your newly found masculinity but keep it in balance with your femininity for it is the real power.

In this 'transformational process' all of us will become bluntly aware of problems in our self-esteem, our relationships, finances' health, jobs, and in every facet of  our physical reality. No longer are we able to suppress or hide our old patterns of denial. The subjective (feminine) will surface, bringing with it the hidden  and useless to be dealt with in the now, which is the cause of the great percentage of malcontent at this time. Pretending and illusion are over. The  feminine ray is a transforming ray, offering love and acceptance of all things godly.

3. Twelve major events will occur here on Earth between now and  the time we enter the Photon Belt. They are designed to destroy or reform the old and archaic third-dimensional energies, which include you and me. Logic would indicate that one of these events would be the prosecution of the last and final war, most probably in the Middle East. This war will have a twofold objective: (1) to annihilate the old' archaic male energies to make ready for the new and peaceful male, and (2) to facilitate into a position of leadership the new female energies.

Following this, there  will be an integration of these two energies to give birth to the new male and female consciousness which will be attendant to the incoming Christ energies, that is, the new embodiment of man and womankind.

4. In order to cope  with the speeding up and compression of time and space, our physical bodies must  be rearranged and realigned in order to facilitate the incoming Christ  consciousness. Some of these rearrangements will have to do with the key elements of the physical and etheric bodies. Expected are realignment of our current consciousness; realignment of the chakras (now seven) to twelve or thirteen; increasing the DNA strands from the current two to twelve or thirteen; balancing out the male and female energies in order to reach a state of androgyny; and acceleration of our atoms in consistency with the degree of the  incoming light and  consciousness. In addition, our pineal gland, now about the  size of a pea, will return to its original size, about the size of a quarter.  All receptors will be reawakened.

All persons experiencing this will  become clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and more. Just as Jesus did, we will become great seers, healers, and  prophets. This will serve us well in the near future. Now, of all times, we must turn our will over to the divine. In  this statement there is a
profound truth but also an inherent danger. Now, of all times, we must unequivocally qualify our intentions, making sure that our arrow of intention goes to the target intended. The divine must be couched in certainty with such statements as, forexample, "to the one and only creator God": "to my higher consciousness"; "to Mother Mary"; or, "to theone and only  Christ." Otherwise, any statement issuedin the form of an affirmation will be immediately picked up by the darker forces and used against us and mankind. Remember: QUALIFY.

Leave no doubts or uncertainties. Note that thoughts are energy, more real than our physical bodies; therefore they must be controlled and specifically directed.

5. As our bodies and consciousness  reform into the light, thought, not physical action, will become our menu of the  day. In this new mode, "etheric in reality" thoughts are more real than physical action - what you think is what you are for that moment. Since we are in the consciousness of the fourth dimension, we are etheric and exposed to all. Each of us will be
like a television screen, projecting our thoughts for all to see and hear. No longer can you hide malice' avarice and greed, hate, lust, deceit, or dishonesty. The minute you think it, you become it.

You become an open book, free of letters other than those you create for the moment which must be rectified instantaneously with love, light, and forgiveness if you are not to be  subject to the inherent penalties and possible expulsion from the fourth dimension reality back to
the third dimension. Third-dimensional frailties unequivocally will not be tolerated. Conversely, if we are truly and firmly ensconced in the light of the Christ and its Golden Age, then none of these aberrations should arise, and if they do, they must be dealt with quickly lest they become real and, as a result, banish us back to the third dimension. I wonder how many of us on the planet now have experienced this in the past.

6. Our world of illusion and polarities will collapse. In due time, as we approach the null zone of the Photon Belt, these make-believe realities which have been thrust upon Us by those who put us here, will disintegrate, leaving us naked, vulnerable and exposed. This will represent the turning around of the mirror causing you and me to look at the true  side of reality. For a moment, we are totally vulnerable, defenceless and confused. Nonetheless, it is at this moment that we must decide, do I want to give up the old and archaic, or do I want to step boldly into the
light and regain that which has always been rightly mine, my Christhood? If we should choose the continuation of the old and  archaic ways, we can expect another 10,500+ years of darkness.
7. In the  past our planet has flipped its solar axis more than 330 times. This was  not happenstance but contrived by those who put us here as an ultimate control. Despite the intention of the forces of darkness to do it again, the Wormwood  people will not
succeed this time around.

However, there will be a reversal of the magnetic poles from a clockwise rotation to a counter clockwise rotation which will speed up the rotation of the planet to degrees unimaginable at this time. As an explanation for this change in rotation, one will recall my stating earlier that our planet had been chosen to be the collector and  transformer of all negative energies in our Solar System. To do this, our  magnetic poles were rearranged in order to rotate in a clockwise direction, which was counter to its true and desired rotation.

Nonetheless, this alteration was necessary for us and our planet to serve as a collector vehicle for negativity. For 10,500 years we have performed in this extremely unstable reality, serving both individually and collectively as vehicles of transformation. Although extremely hazardous, we as the gods we are, chose to come here and master these volatile and suppressive energies. Without a doubt, our assignment is one of; if not the toughest in the Creators'
universe. Since we are nearing the Photon Belt and need to be in harmony with the rest of the Solar System, our magnetic pole reversal is a must.

The question sometimes arises as to whether or not we as a planet will come back and do it again. Undoubtedly, we have in the past, but this time we will receive special dispensation and will not be requested to do so, for it would seem our planet has more than fulfilled its requirements for graduation into the higher realms. The planet will graduate, but will we individually? That, of course, is up to each one of us. Only in time will we know.

Following this question is another most often asked: "If our planet leaves our Solar System, what then happens to those souls who cannot make it at this time?" For these unfortunates, there is another planet, a new planet Earth, currently residing in the fourth  dimension (etheric); and it is to this planet that the unfortunates will go in disembodiment to experience a deep sleep and rest before being prepared and reconditioned to come to Earth again to experience another 10,500 years of darkness. It should be noted that as our current planet ascends into the fourth dimension, the alternate planet correspondingly will descend into the third dimension, thus replacing us as the new planet Earth..
8.  As all of this phenomena associated with entering the Photon Belt increases and  precipitates dramatic physical, emotional and spiritual changes among us, look for mass landings of friendly extraterrestrials who will arrive to assist the needy and the worthy to survive the apocalyptic changes ahead. Look for their arrival from late 1995 and early 1996 on. The year 1996 is predicted to be a horrendous year, expunging mass humanity consisting of those who will not or cannot accept the incoming Christ consciousness. This incoming consciousness will tolerate no nonsense or measure of resistance for the old and archaic must go to make room for the new. This includes government, science and religion. All aspects of our third-dimensional life must return to the light and divinity if it is to survive.

Another aspect of the mass landings has to do with a declaration to World Government that "we are here; we are in charge. We invite  you to join us in the brotherhood of Man. If you do not, then you must suffer  the ultimate consequences." One more adjunct to the foregoing: it is speculated that as we near the Photon Belt, tremendous radiation will be experienced. This  radiation, which lies near the null zone, will be so disruptive that it undoubtedly will adversely  affect the worldwide nuclear stockpiles and reactors. Should this happen, our planet would be totally annihilated and in the process derail the successful graduation of our planet and Solar System into the fourth dimension.

Therefore, the mass landings, with their superior intelligence, will neutralize and/or dematerialise this monumental threat.

9. As we approach the Photon Belt, look for frequent encounters with the angelic host. Perception of these exalted beings will become common for those who are in concert with the incoming Christ consciousness. Among these mighty angelic forces look for Lord Michael, our mentor and guardian, to make an appearance. He will, with dispatch and clarity, excise all that must be removed to create a new world and a new order.

10. Look for the animal kingdom to assume near-human qualities and understanding, and well it should, for as we vacate our realms of previous understanding and assume our God ship, the animals will venture forth to fill the void, elevating them to near humanness. Concurrent with this, expect the nether world of the elementals and nature spirits to develop intohumanness. They are at this time near human and entitled to assume their full humanness.

11. Expect massive decreases in our  magnetic fields (our gravity and our density). As we become light, these elements will hold little or no sway over us for they lose the quality of  constraint.

12. As Sheldon Nidel stated in his book, Becoming a Galactic Human Being, we will in the near future be expected to become fully conscious  beings working with interdimensional energies and beings. Not only will this consciousness allow us to be integrated into the fourth dimension but will also afford us the opportunity to access parallel dimensions which lie 90 degrees from our present reality. How exciting! Maybe then those things that go "bumpity  bump" in the night will take on form and shape.

13. Expect to see  avant-garde colours, shapes and sacred geometry configurations as we near the Photon Belt. Look for the skies to appear to be totally consumed by fire. Do not worry, however, as this phenomenon is a cold fire and will not harm you. It is  merely a signal that we are approaching our final destiny, the Photon Belt and  the consummate Christ

14. As our personal and earthly realms of reality and understanding are transformed, so will the higher realms adjacent to  us be transformed.

Remember the Kabalistic axiom, "as it is above, so shall it be below," and vice versa. One of the most spectacular and heralded events is the possible changing of our current Central Sun from its birth in the Pleiadian constellation to the constellation of Sirius. It would appear that the Sirian peoples are much more kindly disposed toward us than the Pleiadians. This portends colossal changes in the future of our Solar System.

To return to the Pleiadians and a personal comment: in 1988 I had occasion to personally regress myself back to look at the ultimate sinking of that ancient continent, Atlantis. Much to my dismay, I discovered an element of Pleiadian origin, and the then rulers of Atlantis were responsible for the catastrophic nuclear  explosions which ultimately sank the great Atlantis.  Therefore, it does not surprise me that considerations of Sirius as the new location of our current  Central Sun are in the  making.

Clearly the gauntlet has been thrown down and the message is clear. Indecisiveness is over. You must declare where you and your consciousness are. The admonition of the great teachers, "I shall separate the wheat from the tares," is coming to pass. The honeymoon is over. The old and archaic must now bow to and facilitate the incoming Christ consciousness, or it will break like a dry twig in the wind, to be no more. The transformational changes on all levels are irrevocable. Nothing can escape the ceaseless and uncompromising cleansing of the Earth, mind, body and soul. Spirit will have its way; its day has come. You and I are divine and as such have the great privilege to choose where we wish to be, with or without Spirit or the Christ consciousness.

The ancients untiringly spoke of days gone by where man  and beast dwelt in eternal love, light and peace; a place where war, pestilence  and disease were unknown and man was in constant communion with the divine. We  are approaching that great era again, that  is, the Photon Belt. Preliminary energies of change are already among Us. Note the disharmony in relationships,  governments, science and religion. Look at the consistent failure and breakdown  of financial institutions, the latest being the Bank of England wherein even the monarchy, particularly the Queen Mother, lost of $500,000 US. There is more to come

The Photon Belt - Pt 2